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Brow Lamination Instructions

To avoid skin irritation,  hair or skin dryness after the chemical treatment or to prolong the brow lamination effect, the following aftercare is recommended:


Day 1:

  • Don't wet or rub your eyebrows for 24h

  • Don't apply any cream, oils or makeup on eyebrows

  • Avoid sun exposure, sunbeds, sauna, shower, excessive sweat, and swimming pools for 48h

  • Do not apply Retin-A, AHA ("alpha-hydroxy acids"), and do not exfoliate the brow area for at least 72 hours before or after the brow treatment.

  • Avoid sleeping on your front within the first 24-48 hours.


Day 2:

  • Avoid contact with direct sunlight, sunbeds, saunas, steam rooms and swimming pools

  • Do not apply Retin-A, AHA ("alpha-hydroxy acids"), and do not exfoliate the brow area


Day 3+:

  • It is strongly recommended that you apply a conditioning eyebrow serum twice daily after brow lamination to maintain healthy, hydrated eyebrow hairs.



The brow lamination aftercare is hassle-free and easy to follow. Still, one step cannot be skipped—conditioning and nourishing the brows after the procedure with eyebrow conditioning serum is essential. Just as over processing the hair on your scalp with chemicals and bleach can cause breakage, dryness, and even loss of hairs, the same holds for eyebrow hairs. With eyebrow enhancing serum, you can moisturize, condition, and maintain your eyebrows to maximize the results on your next appointment.

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