How to Get Wedding-Ready Skin From Head to Toe

The cake order has been confirmed, your honeymoon tickets are booked, and your dress is getting steam cleaned or pressed.

But in your frenzy to get your caterer, flowers and photography squared away, you forgot some other very important steps…

You forgot to get your body prep - i.e. a proper wax - completed before your wedding (gasp)!

If you’re getting married, you already have had a ton of hoops to jump through in just getting everything organized.

Don’t let these wedding prep tips fall through the cracks!

Treat your body prep just like you would any other wedding or event vendor, and book early.

1. Don't get your first-ever bikini or brazilian wax just before your wedding

If you plan to go bare (or barely there!) down there, make sure to plan ahead and start the process a little more than three months beforehand.

Each time you wax an area, it becomes a little less painful and sensitive.

In addition, your body hair will become thinner and sparser.

So starting early can help your body adjust to getting the best possible wax before your big day.

For a wax right before the wedding, you’ll want to leave at least two to three days between getting waxed and your wedding night.

Trust me - you want to avoid the pain, swelling, and irritation, especially when you’re going to be tearing it up on the dance floor.

Whether you’re a first-timer or a longtime pro, remember to follow the 10 commandments of waxing!

2. Remember to book your body waxing after your spray tan

There’s nothing worse than accidentally booking your appointments out of order.

Just like spray tan technicians will tell you not to get a mani or pedi until well after that spray tan has been washed off, you also should avoid getting a spray tan until after you’re waxed.

Spray tans are so much healthier for your skin than tanning booths, but because they rely on a temporary effect, the more you exfoliate or remove the top layer of skin, the more you risk undoing all that hard work.

Waxing will inevitably remove the top layer of your skin, so be sure you add in the proper buffer time and get all of your waxing out of the way before your spray tan.

You should aim to get your spray tan no sooner than at least one to two full days after getting waxed.

3. Get your facial at least one to two weeks before your wedding

Monthly facials are one of the most important things you can do for your skin.

While facials are typically relaxing and calming for the skin, when you’re under a lot of stress (and you probably are with everything going on!), your skin can go a little haywire.

If you give yourself enough time in between, it’ll save you from any potential mishaps that your skin could go through before the big day.

And if you’re considering doing a chemical peel to get rid of any facial pigmentation, scarring and help with smoothing lines and wrinkles, talk to your Esthetician about the best time to start since most treatments are typically made up of two appointments several weeks apart.

Chemical peels will also make your face (surprise!) peel, so you’ll want to get those treatments done well in advance of your wedding day to avoid any possible redness or flaking skin.

4. Plan and start your wedding beauty regimen early!

We’ve all been there.

You may not have been the greatest to your skin lately with everything else you have to worry about.

It can be tempting to start several new products in the hope of getting some last-minute skin boost, but you should hold off until after the wedding.

Your skin may be bearing the brunt of your wedding stress already, and adding new products into your rotation may throw it out of whack.

Instead, start looking at least three months before to incorporate some new products so you can see how it meshes with your current skincare routine.

If you’re near our Mission Hills location, drop by to see our amazing new lines of Guinot and Lira skincare products.

Also, be sure you’re drinking lots of H2O regularly and don’t skimp on sleep!

Curbing your wedding stress by taking a nice bubble bath, getting a massage, or taking a yoga class can also help your skin (and the rest of your immune system) in a huge way.

5. For long, luscious all-natural lashes, start using Grande Lash-MD at least two months out

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Most lash serums see small changes, if any, after more than four months, but with Grande Lash-MD serum, it cuts that time in half.

If you want to forego the fake lashes for your wedding, Grande Lash serum can help give long and natural lashes in a fraction of the time of other brands.

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If you’re a bride- or groom-to-be, let’s set up your wedding body game plan! Call or email us to talk through how to get you ready from head to toe for your big day.

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