The 12 Worst Things You're Doing to Your Skin

Since we’re in the middle of Spring, it’s time to clean up your skincare habits! You wouldn’t scarf down cheeseburgers every day expecting to be healthy, right?! The same logic applies to your skincare routine. Make sure you’re avoiding these 12 things that are making your skin work overtime.

1. Not Washing Your Makeup Off Before Bed

We’re looking at you chronic makeup-sleepers!

It may seem like sooooo much effort to get yourself into the bathroom to wash your makeup off after a really long night.

And just this once can’t hurt right?

WRONG. Let’s be honest, it’s never just that one time.

Leaving makeup on overnight can wreak all kinds of havoc on your skin. By leaving dirt and dead skin cells behind, at best you’re opening yourself up to a breakout and a skin infection at worst.

That’s right. Know how your eyes feel kinda nasty in the morning after leaving mascara on?

That could lead to infected lash roots.

So just take those 5 extra minutes to wash your face properly and save yourself the trouble down the road!

2. Washing Your Face Too Much

Sometimes, we can go overboard thinking that washing very frequently will save our skin from a breakout or that it makes us feel cleaner.

In reality, if you’re washing your face too often, it can lead to your skin becoming dry and irritated.

Dry skin could cause your body to pump out even more oil - leading to a breakout.

You really don’t need to wash your face more than twice a day, unless you’re breaking a sweat.

Once in the morning and once at night (ahem, see #1 above!) to cleanse your skin of all the gunk (pollution, sweat and makeup) it’s been exposed to throughout the day.

3. Not Exfoliating or Exfoliating Too Much

Exfoliation isn’t just good for your face, it’s good for your whole body!

It can help remove dead skin cells and make your skin look more radiant.

But too much exfoliation can lead to inflamed or irritated skin.

Don’t be an exfoliation addict! Make sure you’re only exfoliating 2-3 times a week at most.

4. Not Wearing SPF

If you’ve been breaking this skincare commandment - naughty, naughty.

Skin cancer is real, people!

If you’re working on preventing wrinkles, this one is a no-brainer.

UVA/UVB rays can age you faster than you’d think.

One of the most basic things you can incorporate into your routine is wearing sunscreen

Every. Single. Day.

Meaning whether it’s sunny or cloudy.

5. Not Drinking Enough Water

You know water is good for you.

But did you know that not drinking enough water can actually dehydrate your skin?

And it can even make your wrinkles more prominent.

If you’re reading this, my guess is you’re trying to avoid that.

So drink more H2O, and save your wrinkles for your golden years!

6. Not Using the Proper Products for Your Skin Type

Rank this one up here with “stating the obvious.”

What works for one person may not work for someone else.

If your skin is dry, you shouldn’t be using products designed for oily skin.

There are many skin types (like acne-prone or sensitive skin).

If you’re having trouble figuring out what products you need, ask your esthetician!

We can always provide great recommendations on quality products.

Which leads us to number 7...

7. Not Using Quality Products

My guess is you think you’re saving money by skimping here and there on basic skincare products.

After all, what’s the real difference between the cheap cleanser and the boutique-only product?


Oftentimes, most skincare products sold at drug or discount stores contain cheap ingredients that can dry out or irritate your skin.

Stay far, far away!

I recommend using Guinot & Lira skin products, which I’ve tried personally.

8. Not Washing Your Sheets and Pillowcases

As a basic aspect of adulting, you should be washing your sheets and pillowcases at least once a week.

Your body temperature actually rises at night, and your body oil, sweat and dead skin cells nestle themselves into whatever you’re sleeping on.

Gross, right?!

If you’re not washing your sheets and pillowcases frequently, you’re basically soaking them in bacteria for 8 hours each night.

You’ve been warned!

9. Not Getting Enough Sleep

Aside from just looking and feeling crappy (ugh, bags under your eyes), your skin can be affected by your lack of sleep.

When you don’t get enough sleep every night, your skin can become imbalanced.

This can lead to redness, breakouts and dry skin.

And sorry to burst your bubble, but the catching up on sleep thing is a myth.

The stress from not sleeping enough can also cause breakouts and other skin problems.

So go get your zzzzzz’s!

10. Picking Your Pimples


Don’t even go there.

No matter how much it’s bothering you, a scar will be worse.

While there are products that can help with acne scars, it’s always better to focus on prevention than treatment.

On top of scarring, you’re unknowingly spreading bacteria from one pimple to the rest of your face.

Which will cause your skin to break out even more.

Don’t be handsy! Keep them away from your face.

11. Smoking

Obviously there’s a whole bunch of other health problems that come with smoking, but did you know that smoking actually causes your skin to age prematurely?

Meaning more wrinkles on your face a lot more quickly.

Along with wrinkles, you can expect your skin to yellow and become dry and dull with repeated exposure to smoke.

If you’re thinking about quitting, the great news is that once you stop, your skin starts to repair itself.

Some skin changes may be permanent, but you’ll benefit from quitting more than you will from continuing to smoke.

12. Not Getting Monthly Facials

Your at-home routine will get you about 90% of the way to gorgeous skin.

But unfortunately, facials just aren’t the same when you DIY them.

They essentially serve as the ultimate all-in-one skincare treatment and as a skin check-up all rolled into one.

Facials can help treat acne, hyperpigmentation, dry skin and a whole lot of other skin issues.

Most facials have some combination of deep cleansing, gentle steam, extractions, a mask or peel and a soothing moisturizer.

They supplement all of the other work (pretty much every tip I shared above!) you’re doing to keep your skin looking fantastic and youthful.

Facials can also give you glowing skin for a few days up to a few weeks, depending on your skin.

And as a cool side benefit, you get a little downtime to de-stress and practice your #selfcare.

Again, skincare is really about prevention, and facials help you prevent long-term damage, so skipping them is doing a bigger disservice to all of the other work you’re putting into your skin.

Your esthetician can help you determine what facial is right for your skin type. All you have to do is give us a call, lay back and relax!

What’s your biggest skin sin? If you’re having trouble with building a proper skincare routine, schedule an appointment with me to walk through it together!

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