Skin Care


Hydraclean Facial 

60 Minutes


This deep cleansing facial uses Guinot’s patented Thermoclean Electrode with a unique formulated gel, selected by your therapist to banish oils and toxins, that harm your skin, promoting a healthy and smooth glow when treatment is done. This treatment provides a great alternative to steam in that it won’t dehydrate the skin and facilitates extractions.


Liftosome Facial

45 Minutes


Guinot Liftosome treatment with Pro-Collagen  visibly transforms the skin within to firm, lift and add renewed radiance. The active ingredients penetrate the skin in-depth with the use of the firming,  thermal self heating mask.


Vitabrite Refresh

30 Minutes


This exclusive Lira Clinical treatment tightens, firms, brightens and hydrates to refresh all skin types. Improves skin overall health, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and calms rosacea symptoms. Contains an elite blend of Vitamin C, mandelic/Salicylic acid, plant stem cells, and a unique blend of botanicals. Makes a great introductory peel and maintenance treatment.


Hydraclean Mini Facial

45 Minutes


This deep cleansing facial uses regulated heat from the patented Guinot Thermoclean Electrode. It cleans the pores and rids the skin of excess oils and toxins while individually prescribed gels are massaged to deeply penetrate actives and treat. Great for all skin types and ages.


Green Peel

30 Minutes


This natural herbal exfoliate awakens skin with a combination of unique ingredients.  This distinctive product tightens and diminishes fine lines while reducing the appearance of pigmentation and acne scars


Green Peel with  Vita Brite Refresh

30 Minutes


A blend of Green Peel with Vitabrite Refresh... creating the perfect PEEL!  Tightens and diminishes fine lines while reducing the appearance of pigmentation and acne scars.