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Brazilian Sugaring




1 Day

About the Course

How many years did you spend in beauty school? And how much of that time was devoted to Brazilian waxing classes? We already know the answer. Unfortunately, most beauty schools today lack proper education on Brazilian waxing for women. In fact, you may receive a mere three days of training on this subject, which is far from sufficient.

In traditional higher education, a significant portion of training focuses on theory. You'll spend time reading textbooks and studying pictures, but rarely get the chance to put your skills into practice. However, our waxing classes take a different approach - they are entirely hands-on.

By enrolling in our classes, you will learn women's Brazilian wax training, which is in high demand and can help sustain your business for years to come.

Nowadays, Brazilian waxing is one of the most popular forms of hair removal. During a session, you delicately remove hair from the pubic area, upper thighs, and surrounding regions. When performed accurately, Brazilian waxing is one of the least irritating hair removal treatments and leaves clients feeling more connected to their bodies.

***This course is specifically designed for beginner and intermediate wax specialists/students who can provide proof of current enrollment in Esthetician or Cosmetology school or hold a valid license. As part of the training, you will need to experience waxing from a client's perspective, so it's essential that you are willing to undergo waxing. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to perform waxing on models during the course. Join us in this course to enhance your skills and knowledge as a wax specialist/student.

Your Instructor

Sara Jankowsky

Sara Jankowsky

With 20+ years as a licensed esthetician, I'm dedicated to sharing knowledge and empowering others. Retired from waxing, I excel in various esthetic practices. Proud seven-time nominee for "Best Waxing Studio," I'm committed to mentoring and fostering success. Join me in redefining success in the beauty industry.

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